The economy of the Lootverse exists around producers and consumers, with meta-game loops baked into the economy.

Realms: The Land Owners & Lords

Realms are the landowners of this world; they are the primary productive asset that keeps injecting liquidity into this ever-expanding Lootverse. They go to war, form allegiances (and break them) over these resources through an on-chain raiding and pillaging game called β€˜Settling’. Each Realm contains a combination of the 22 different resources discovered thus far in the Lootverse, and has a varying amount of the traits; Regions, Cities, Rivers & Harbors. There are 50 mythical Wonders spread throughout the realms, such as The Pantheon of Chaos, The Cerulean Reliquary & The Altar of Divine Will.

Settling - MMOCCG

Settling is an open-source MMOCCG (Massively Multiplayer On-Chain Composable Game) of economics and Chivalry built on top of ZK STARKS. The goal of the game is to build up your Realm, form alliances, and harvest resources. If you do not maintain and defend your realm, you will be raided and a proportion of your resources stolen.

The conflicts commence once your realm is β€˜Settled’ within the game contract, terraforming it into a productive asset generating Lords and Resources. These generated fungible tokens can be used to build up your Realm or summon armies to defeat your foes.

All statistics in this document are alpha statistics and are subject to change as the game is balanced via alpha and beta deployments.

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