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LORDS, Resources & More Fungibles


The $LORDS Token is the ERC20 asset underpinning the Realmverse and beyond, giving a fungible method of entry and exit from the platform, as well as trading various assets and aligning the interests of Realm owners and other stakeholders.

Utility of LORDS

As the reserve currency of the Realms, all associated NFTs and fungible tokens are denominated in Lords. Meaning, you need to hold and trade Lords to purchase assets. Players are able to acquire Lords by either holding a Realm, purchasing on an open AMM or participating within the economy.

LORDS Token Distribution

A hard cap of 500 million Lords has been set, with distribution highlighted in the following table. This distribution is governed via the Bibliotheca DAO and may change depending on the direction as voted.

Game emissions

The biggest tranche of $LORDS will be released via game emissions. These emissions will follow a supply curve dependent on the actions within the game. It will be released at a sustained rate to balance inflation with growth, with the expected total distribution to take at least 3 years.

Staking of Realms - Primary Lords Pool

When a Realm is staked it begins to earn a tribute for doing so. This tribute number starts off at a fixed rate of $LORDS per day. This fixed-rate decreases overtime every day at a compounding rate. This rate is influenced by the Realm holders decision on how they govern their land. If they manage it wisely their tribute will increase and they will earn more Lords. If they do not manage it wisely their tribute will decrease.
Percentage Allocation
Total Lords
StarkNet Game
Journey Contract
LP Pool

Resources: Fungible Composables

There are 22 different possible resources of varying rarity in a Realm. These resources are represented as ERC1155 tokens and form the connective tissue that intricately ties the Realms together. You can treat the ERC1155 contract as an ever-expanding item table, much like how in traditional games new items are continuously added. This comes with its own sets of administrative challenges, which we address later in the document.
Each staked Realm will begin producing resources at the same rate (100 per day). This can increase or decrease over time depending on various factors within the realm, such as population, happiness, resource upgrade buildings, and crafted buffs. These factors are generally controlled by the Realm owners spending decisions and are discussed in greater detail at:

Extending the ERC1155 contract

Each Realm will initially begin generating its 22 resources at a fixed rate. However, as additional modules are added to the game, these new modules will unlock new fungibles to be found. The ERC1155 contract allows the protocol to keep adding new types of fungible materials to extend the gameplay.
Since all these resources are on the same extending resource table (ERC1155) they will all be instantly available to trade on the AMM. The interaction of planned modules such as Characters and Guilds, along with their associated assets, enables a new dimension of social interaction and coordination, both between players and between the various projects creating user experiences.