Raiding is a key part of the Settling game, and every Realm that is staked can be raided. Capture resources, army troops and glory!

Once a Realm has summoned army troops, it is able to commence a raid on any Realm belonging to a different Order. If their armies are victorious, they are able to claims 50% of the defending realm's Vault (25% of the resources generated by the Realm). Realms must defend their vault (with various buildings and troops) if they do not wish to have it pillaged frequently.

The walls of a Realm must be breached before raiders can attack defenders. Ranged defenders and attackers can deal damage directly before the wall has fallen. A wall has 100 vitality, 100 defense, and 1 in all other stats.


  1. Combat takes place with 12 sided dice. Each attack and wisdom stat gives 1 damage dice.

  2. Attack dice roll against a target’s defense. Wisdom dice roll against a target’s Agility.

  3. The minimum roll required to hit is determined by:

    1. (attack/target’s defense) * 7

    2. (wisdom/targets agility) * 7

  4. The minimum required roll cannot be higher than 12 or lower than 1.

  5. If a damage roll succeeds, remove 1 vitality from the target. Combat ends when a squad reaches 0 or the attacker pulls out.

Cool Down Time

There will be a cool downtime if your Realm has been raided, this will be originally set at 24hrs and may change according to the outcome of the beta.

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