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Macroeconomic Production

Realms compete in a game of maximizing economic production through influencing macroeconomic factors

Resource production upgrades

Realm owners will be able to upgrade their resource harvesters independently of one another. Each resource has its' own upgrade path, costing varying amounts of resources [the owner may need to accumulate and trade on the AMM (Automated Market Maker)] and for higher levels upgrades additional steps may be required. Once the resource upgrade is constructed, the realm will produce more resources per day. The specific upgrade path will be finalised in a future document.

Optimizing statistics

The interplay of buildings & statistics creates another layer of choices to make to gain a relative advantage. A wide range of strategies could be employed:
  • Spend available resources on resource production upgrades and defensive measures to create a well defended productive realm
  • Ensuring happiness levels are high to maximise production of currently available assets
  • Sacrifice the population's happiness (and therefore resource production) to create buildings increasing the army cap to raid others' resource
  • Encourage a thriving well-fed population with plenty of houseing to increase your productive work force
  • Many more to emerge