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The Bibliotheca DAO

Our Purpose

💡 “To design and build an open inclusive permissionless gaming ecosystem underpinned by a thriving economy.”

Our Vision

💡 We aspire to bring millions of players and builders working together on an entirely on-chain game

Why build a DAO for the Lootverse

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with native tokens & built-in value capture will likely come to be seen as one of the great innovations of this decade for their ability to bootstrap long-term sustainable growth. A new paradigm has emerged, where global decentralised groups are created in much shorter timeframes than was traditionally possible, and where stakeholders can be instantly aligned around a common asset. To participate, join the discord, buy the asset and be rewarded for contributing value. The labor pool for talent is now open and willing to participants and everyone can share in the value growth, and inevitably the gap between consumer and end-product development is substantially narrowed. We wish to realize the opportunity that DAOs offer.

Distributing value to early supporters

Varying approaches have been taken to bootstrap growth of aspiring DAOs, from ICO’s to airdrops for users of similar services. We believe the optimal method of distributing value to early supporters to be permissionless fair-launch token farms, recently effectively employed by the TreasureDAO. Such farms allow long-term supporters of the project to increase their holdings without deploying further capital by demonstrating their commitment to the platform (by leaving their assets in its custody)
There is a catch...
Although token farms have many benefits, the project needs to keep building and delivering utility otherwise hyperinflation can rapidly take hold, and a project's token price can crash with little hope of recovery. There is no free lunch with token farms, and at a protocol level - it's required to continually and sustainably deliver value.

The value capture & token sinks

For value to accrue in the token ever-increasing hodlers need to exist, or be rotated to holders with a higher utility. Some of the planned structures for the Bibliotheca DAO and LORDS are explored further in Token Sinks & Loops

Bibliotheca DAO Goals

  • Shepherd the development of the first open-source MMOCCG (Massively Multiplayer On-Chain Composable Game) of Economics and Chivalry built on top of ZK-STARKS (StarkNet) - Settling of the Realms.
  • Foster a thriving ecosystem built on top of the Realms/Loot economy, encompassing artistic developments, various gaming options, community building, and strategy within the ever-expanding lore of the Lootverse.
  • Become the cornerstone development house for building on-chain ZK Stark-based games.


The Bibliotheca DAO will be encouraging development on the protocol via LORDS grants. These grants will be awarded either retroactively or actively according to the specific job completed.