StarkNet minigame before the main game launch
“Dark elements of chaos descend on the Divine City. The Council of Mages cast an ancient spell from within the Citadel to distill Light elements in a desperate attempt to strengthen the shield and protect the city.”
This minigame is in active development, some things may change slightly from launch.

Gameplay Overview

Desiege is a PvP game where players can choose the Light or Dark side. If you choose Light, you are defending the city. If you choose Dark, you are attacking the city. No matter what element and role you choose, the Lootverse will maintain fairness and balance. The roles of attacker and defender will flip down the line.
Auto balancing
There is a dynamic auto-balancing mechanism that keeps games fair. The elements you mint for a game are scoped to that game number. Elements cannot be re-used across game numbers. You can think of each game number as a Desiege “run”.

Game Timer: Progressive Boosts

The current game length is 36 hours, making the game relative to all time zones around the world. Once a game is started, the game continues for 36hrs - until the timer expires (Light side wins) or until the Vitality of the city is reduced to 0 (Dark side wins).
As time progresses, a boost increases the effects of shield and attack actions. Thus requiring Light and Dark to both coordinate throughout the 36hrs. If you choose to spend all your tokens early without other players' support, your attacks would have been in vain.

Cost to play

To play the game you will just require a certain amount of $LORDS held within your wallet. It will be free to cast tokens within the game itself for now.