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The Stack

Bibliotheca employs a variety of innovative open-source technologies to create user and developer experiences


Bibliotheca's Open Source contracts can be found in a monorepo at We are actively seeking contributors, with rewards to be issued by the DAO.

Solidity (L1 Ethereum)

Cairo (L2 StarkNet)

The various games and services are rapidly developing, adapting to the evolving StarkNet ecosystem. Token contracts are built from Open Zeppelin standards (not yet finalised). Gaming logic contracts are built with an upgradable modular architecture consisting of an Arbiter & ModuleControlle, developed by the DopeWare RYO game. Anyone is able to propose modules to extend functionality, and if approved by governance the module is incorporated into the main logic (read more at
Desiege Minigame
Realms + Resources
Settling Game
NFT Marketplace
Automated Market Maker (AMM)
Loot Distillation



Bibliotheca adventurer explorer website and staking functionality at
This site is open-source and we encourage development.


The main game client will run on next.js. This is in active development and will be made open-source when ready.