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Crafting: Building On-chain

The lootverse exists in the minds of those who believe and build it. Crafting is an essential ingredient in the meta-game that anybody with an Adventurer can participate in.
Social games are where the fun happens. We hope to achieve this by building off-chain coordination baked into the meta-game loop

Guilds - Micro DAOs

StarkNet introduces the concept of account abstraction, opening up the design space for scriptable accounts. With this feature, we are introducing the concept of on-chain guilds.

Guilds are Multisig Accounts

Guilds can be created by initialising an account for a small gas fee. Once created the creator will be able to include other addresses on this account. With this account, the Guild can aggregate resources and materials used to craft.
Once the guild has accumulated enough resources, it could then go and craft items, which would be jointly owned by all the Guild. The guild could then go and list this on the Marketplace and all share in the revenue.

Crafted Items

Special NFT items can be crafted with mixtures of resources and other items found in the Lootverse. They exist on an ever-expanding ERC1155 item table, much like the resources do. However, the only way to make these items is by burning the resources gathered in the game. Some of these items will be extremely hard to craft using very rare items.

The incentive to craft?

Crafted items will contain special item statistics which can be used in other parts of the game. An Adventurer will be able to craft an item from their quests, and this item will hold value to a Realm Lord who will pay for it on the open market. Thus, creating an incentive for the Adventurer to craft the item.